Eutelsat 21B
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Located at 21.5° East, Eutelsat 21B is ideal for companies needing to communicate between Europe, North Africa, the Sahara, the Middle East and the Gulf region. Fine-tuned for professional communications, the satellite is perfect for applications such as VSAT networks, broadband Internet and data broadcasting.

With twenty-four simultaneously active transponders, Eutelsat 21B provides a widebeam coverage of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, and a steerable coverage centred over North Africa, the Sahara and the Mediterranean region.

Like the Eutelsat 21B satellite, ten channels can be individually configured for operation via either of the two coverages. The remaining channels are connected to the Widebeam coverage.

Eutelsat 70B
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The Eutelsat 70B satellite features 24 transponders capable of delivering a full portfolio of services including video distribution and contribution links, occasional-use video as well as Internet backbone connections.

Eutelsat 70B provides an extremly broad fixed coverage as well as two steerable beams. The Eutelsat 70B fixed widebeam offers unparalleled Ku-band connectivity stretching from western Europe through the Middle East and central Asia to southern Asia.

Eutelsat 33B
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Positioned at 33° East, the EUTELSAT 33B satellite provides coverage of Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, delivering data and telecom networks. The satellite is also valued by broadcasters for occasional use and professional video services.

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EUTELSAT 3B is a tri-band satellite for markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and South America. Located at 3° East, the satellite is optimised for customers operating broadband, data, telecom and video services in a vast footprint spanning from Brazil to Central Asia.

Eutelsat 7A
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Strategically positioned at 7 degrees East, Eutelsat 7A satellite covers the whole of sub-Saharan Africa and provides direct connectivity to Europe and the Mediterranean region and supports key applications such as distance-learning, telemedicine, Internet access and much more.

Eutelsat 7A is a very sophisticated satellite, combining Ku- and Ka-band frequencies and on-board multi-plexing. It provides pan-European and pan-African coverage while guaranteeing connectivity between the two continents.

Eutelsat 10A
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The Eutelsat 10A satellite provides coverage in Europe, Asia and Africa and supports services like Video, Broadband and telecommunications services.

Positioned at 10 degrees East, Eutelsat 10A offers Ku-band capacity for video, broadband and telecommunications services in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and C-band capacity for services across Africa.

Eutelsat 10A's S-band payload will also enable other communications services, such as security communications or crisis management.

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APSTAR-7, strategically positioned at 76,5° East, provides Ku Band capacity over Middle East and Europe. Due to its strong coverage of Middle East it can deliver broadband and telecommunication services of high throughput on smaller antennas.

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Brings substantial new capacity to the prime location at 75°E, serving four continents. Industry leading high powered C-band beams for Africa and SE Asia connectivity requirements. ABS-2 is a Space Systems/Loral FS 1300 launched in February 2014.

Azerspace-1 / Africasat-1a
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Having launched the Azerspace-1on February 8th 2013, the company provides highly reliable, satellite-based communication services to enterprise and government customers for DTH, voice, video, data and mobility applications.

With the advanced design and flexible switching capabilities of the Azerspace-1 telecommunication satellite, millions of viewers are able to get an access to information and communications services worldwide. Azerspace-1 plays a role as an important gateway in a joint space that connects more than 50 countries in Central Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East.


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